Just Skills is a basketball fundamentals program for girls and boys ages 5 to 17 that is committed to long-term player development.
6 Week Camps: $115
Each 6 Week Program Includes:

-6 Weekly Sessions - 2 Hours - Total of 12 Hours
-Experienced coaches at all sessions
-Advanced and basic drills that include:

-Moving without the ball
-Ball Handling
-Attacking the basket
-Game situations
At Just Skills of Atlanta our mission is to develop youth to their best potential for both on and off the court
and to prepare them with the skills and mindset of better basketball players. At Just Skills we are more
than letting participants play.  We are about skill development.  We have a five-fold set of objectives that
we set to meet with every participant that is associated with our organization.

Conditioning - We strongly believe that to succeed in the game you must prepare for the game; you must
get your body in the best of shape and that is through conditioning and exercise.  Each session starts with
conditioning exercises and drills as part of their court development.  We encourage them to continue with
these conditioning exercises off the court to increase their endurance during game time.

Instruction -Our second objective is to demonstrate and teach players how to improve their game of basketball.  We do this through specific
instructions and drill repetition. Our sessions focus on the various stations of basketball including body conditioning, ball handling, dribbling, shooting, attacking the basket, rebounding, footwork, defensive and offensive moves. We teach our very youngest through teens how they can grow as players and help them achieve their goals.

Practice - Our next objective is to instill the importance of practice.  What you learn on the court is essential but it can only become better when you practice daily and refine your skills.  The way you practice is a good indicator how you play the game. No matter what one excels in you become better when you practice consistently.

Mindset - Our fourth objective is to develop a players’ court sense. It is important to playing an intelligent game and to think smart on the court. We lead our students through different plays, how to interpret what is happening on the court and how to make better and quick mental and play adjustments.

Life Lessons - The fifth objective is the foundation that the others rest on. We work on building the inner person for life lessons; Attitude, Commitment, Confidence, Determination, Discipline, Integrity, Hard work and Teamwork.  Positive lessons learned on the court and about the game can reflect and prepare a youth for life.

Last but not least - We encourage all to enjoy the game!  
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Summer Day Camps: $125
Each 5 Day-Long Day Camp Includes:

-Monday - Friday, 9:00AM - 4:00PM
-Experienced coaches at all sessions
-Fundamental Skill Development
-Skills Sessions & Stations
-Competitions -Controlled Scrimmages
-Game situations
-Life Skills
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